How to get started
To start using the website, you should  go to the registration page, where you should enter your login, password, email, reenter your password, confirm that you admit the Terms and Conditions, enter the security code and click "register".

How to get coins
There are a few ways of collecting coins:
- After registration and activation, you get  100 starting coins
- The second step is to invite a friend . After your friend becomes an active member (you should do 10 actions and add one page/website) you will start getting 300 coins for each new friend added.
-You should make the following actions:  followers, likes, friends, subscribers, circles, shares or hits and get coins for these activities.
- You can buy coins with the tariffs, available on the website.

How to add page/site
To add a page/website you should go to the corresponding page of the website, which can be found on the upper right corner of the website. By clicking on "add page/website" button, you should select the corresponding service and give a name to the service, after you should add a urln and push the "add" button.  
CPC – is the  quantity of coins that you are going to give for each activity.  
Pages added by you can be found in "My pages" section of the website.